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DEFENSIL®-SOFT is based on the edible mushroom Albatrellus ovinus. The lead compounds grifolin, neogrifolin and scutigeral are natural inhibitors of the pain receptor TRPV1, which is expressed in sensory neurons and keratinocytes. TRPV1 is upregulated and sensitized by inflammation and irritation. It is considered as central transducer of hypersensitivity and as prime target for the cosmeceutical control of pain, itching and skin discomfort. DEFENSIL®-SOFT works at the cell-cell communication level by preventing the over-stimulation of TRPV1 on nerve cells. It stops pain signaling and provides soothing effects for overstressed skin.

Furthermore, TRPV1 is involved in skin ageing. Its activation by heat (e.g. sun-exposure, infrared-radiation) drives inflammation, matrix degradation and ultimately skin ageing, so called “thermal skin ageing”. The concept steps into an emerging market gap and growing consumer awareness regarding the effects of chronic skin stress and IR-radiation. DEFENSIL®-SOFT provides a long-term anti-ageing effect by protecting against IR-induced skin stress.



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