Viamerine® from Aldivia: natural alternative to lanolin

Why choose Viamerine?

Viamerine® from Aldivia is a range of multifunctional, vegetable derived, polyglycerides. Originally introduced a natural alternative to lanolin, Viamerine® offers an excellent range of properties for a wide variety of personal care applications. It is particularly beneficial for formulations where both shine and adherence are sought.

Recent studies have also found Viamerine® to have water resistant and SPF boosting properties, making it ideal for sun care applications.

Why should I add Viamerine to my formulation?


· Clinically proven anti-ageing

· Clinically proven moisturisation

· High refractive index provides excellent shine

· Rich, none greasy, skin feel

· SPF boosting and water resistant properties

· Naturally certified by COSMOS and EcoCert

Where can Viamerine be used?


· Lip care (including balms and sticks)

· Emulsions (high and low viscosity)

· Rinse Off Products

· Oil products like serums and massage oils.

· Sun care

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