TWISTER, the universal mixing expert

IKA launches the first convertible mixing device. TWISTER is a single-position magnetic stirrer or multi-position magnetic stirrer. With one attachment, it reliably stirs the smallest volumes. With another attachment, it becomes a vortex shaker. And even before it’s market launch, it received the Red Dot Award in the Product Design category.

With just one basic unit, numerous new possibilities are created in the laboratory. Thanks to its convertibility, TWISTER can be used as a magnetic stirrer today and as a shaker tomorrow. This is not only environmentally friendly and economical, but also reduces the number of electronic devices and the space required in the laboratory.

Genius of transformation
By interconnection, the TWISTER single-position magnetic stirrer can be turned into a multi-position magnetic stirrer with up to 30 stirring positions, which can be combined in any desired pattern. Either one plate is configured as the leader and all other plates (followers) run with the same setting. Or you can assign a different job to each plate.
With the TW.IX multi-position attachment, the stirring force can be translated from one to nine small stirring positions. For the first time, it is thus possible to stir even the smallest quantities thoroughly with a magnetic stirrer.
The biggest surprise: With the TW.VX shaking attachment, TWISTER becomes a vortex shaker. And with the STICKMAX II adhesive mat, it can also shake larger volumes really well at a slow speed. This means lower costs, less required space, and more flexibility and more sustainability in the laboratory.

Innovative operating concept
With TWISTER, IKA reinvents not only mixing, but also the operation of laboratory instruments. The 360° LED circle display shows all information intuitively without any alpha-numeric display. In addition, TWISTER has an integrated beaker recognition system. As soon as a beaker is set up, it is automatically recognized and the stirring process begins. In one-hand operation, TWISTER only runs as long as the vessel or attachment is touched by hand. In this operating mode, the intelligent laboratory device no longer needs a start button.

Strong and robust
TWISTER has a universal and extra strong drive. It mixes liquids with up to 500 mPas at up to 3000 revolutions. In addition, TWISTER is optimally protected with IP 66 protection. It can be easily cleaned under running water and operation in incubators up to 40 °C is also possible.