Transforming your formulation

We are thrilled to announce we have been shortlisted for the Laura Marshall award. The award recognises innovation within the Personal Care and Cosmetic industry and we were one of just six finalists, out of 29 total entries, chosen by a panel of expert judges.

Our Laura Marshall award entry, ‘Transforming Pearl Blush’ will be launched at Formulate, amongst other brand new formulations. This loose powder blush contains over 72% water and transforms into a cream blush during application. The new formulation contains a hydrophobic fumed silica and is quick drying with a beautiful pearl colour finish.

Using a combination of keynote trends, unique raw materials and exclusive in-house formulations, we have developed a series of signature products highlighting novel textures, long lasting effects, amazing application feel and the wow factor! Our unrivalled range for customers are stand-out products that meet today’s consumer trends.

Incorporating some of our most advanced ingredients, each has effective properties that will help you create the next generation of products to meet consumer needs. Transforming Pearl Blush has an effective rheology control active and water based hydrophobic pigment dispersion, allowing an “oil free”, yet lasting effect. A multifunctional ingredient boosts anti-wrinkle, anti-irritation and reduced tackiness, as well as acting as a novel moisturiser which strengthens cell walls.

For the latest trends, formulations and signature raw materials, visit our knowledgeable team of experts on stand 109 to discover advanced ingredients that will make a stand out difference to your personal care products. Unlock your imagination and the key to successful new product development with Azelis. Our business is your business.

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