The Sweet Escape: A Journey Through the Senses

Follow Lubrizol on The Sweet Escape and discover six simple and innovative formulations illustrating novel concepts and performance benefits for various skin care applications. Each product offers an original idea combining the sensorial benefits of a surprising texture, an appealing visual and an evocative fragrance, all with the unique performance claims of a high-tech active ingredient substantiated by science.

Experience 6 Simple and New Textures:

Soothe, tone and sculpt your body figure

Warm and exfoliate dry skin cells for soft, supple and refreshed skin

Protect and revive skin with a cushiony sensation and smooth touch

Calm and soothe skin with an ultra-refreshing sensation

Improve skin tone and boost skin radiance with a revitalizing toner


For more information on the active ingredients used in the Sweet Escape formulations, visit Lubrizol Sweet Escape , or contact Surfrachem team on