SunCat MTA – Enhancement of Performance of Established UVA/UVB Organic Sunscreens with New Generation Technology

It’s 2015 and everyone knows that the UV radiation from the sun is bad for our skin! Turn on a television at this time of year and the likelihood is that you will be bombarded with advertisements for sunscreens and sun care products.

Surfachem sun care overview

Concerns about the damage that sun exposure can cause to the skin and higher consumption of value-added products are driving the sector of sun care across the globe.

Protecting the skin from the sun is a multi-million pound industry with the market valued at £260M in 2014 just within the UK.

BioNest has developed SunCat MTA, a new material that gives formulators greater flexibility and more importantly consumers better protection.

SunCat MTA is an encapsulated blend of organic chemical filters that provide high UV protection, is non-irritating to the skin and is very easy to formulate with.

Double sphere enwrapping

SunCat MTA is encapsulated using a specialised enwrapping procedure that produces micron sized particles of sunscreen. The encapsulation process encloses a blend of three organic sunscreen actives inside a phospholipid shell which allows SunCat MTA to disperse in water without the need for additional emulsifiers or solubilisers.

The particles are designed to repel each other preventing flocculation. This results in an even coating across the skin which reduces the likelihood of gaps and consequently increases the protection against UV rays.

Enhanced protection

SunCat MTA offers full protection over the across UVA/UVB spectrum from 280 to 400 nm. There is also a dramatic synergistic durable SPF boost if used with a low % Titanium Dioxide, without introducing any instability.

Safer on the skin

Due to its large particle size SunCat MTA is unable to penetrate the skin and therefore significantly reduces the risk of irritation. The encapsulated particles are roughly 1 micron and so also elevate any fears of nanoparticles.

Easier formulation

Since it is water dispersible, this makes SunCat MTA significantly easier to formulate with compared to traditional UV filters. It can be added to most formulation with simply stirring and is suitable for both hot and cold mix formulations.

No guesswork is required as the SPF can be accurately predicted by reference to a simple formulation chart. The level of sun protection is directly proportional to the amount of SunCat MTA present and is very reliable.

SunCat MTA is suitable for a wide range of sun care application and removes the need to stock a variety of different UV filters. It also offers exceptional stability both in it’s neat form and in end-products.

Surfachem is the exclusive distributor of SunCat MTA in the UK and Ireland; for any enquiries please email