Skin Health: Molecular, Cellular, Physiological

From molecular regulation to cellular function to physiological effect, this is the journey to skin  health that Oriel Magnesium and Mineral Deep Ocean Extract will bring your products.

This liquid, clear, non odour, water based active ingredient delivers improved health to skin and hair through rapid and functional bioavailability, underpinned by four years of research which have delivered profound results which include:Skincare 2018

Gene Expression Improved expression across multiple genes including Collagen 1, 3, 4 & 5, Filaggrin, Plasminogen, IFNG, MMP9.

Inflammatory Response improved via 90% reduction of inflammatory micro vesicles and 98% reduction in inflammatory biomarkers such as IL8 & IL4.

Skin Barrier significantly improved via intracellular action on cell tensegrity and bio-mechanics via natural re-balance of cell structure.

Skin Hydration improved via improved skin barrier leading to improved trans epidermal water loss.

Repair and Regenerative capacity proven via circulating stem cell studies and biomarker analysis.

Dermal Fibroblasts and Keratinocytes significant benefits via improved cell adhesion, migration and proliferation.

Studies included both dermal and oral applications. Oriel has been certified as: Sustainable, Organic, PDO, Kosher, Natural and food grade.

Oriel also product a natural and pure Mineral Sea Salt which is mineral rich and very fine making it an ideal ingredient sea salt. Visit us at Stand 821 or our Website