SEPPIC Beauty Care, designer of beauty active ingredients and textures, unveils MLPF™ or Modern Lifestyle Protection Factors

SEPPIC Beauty Care, designer of beauty active ingredients and textures, unveils MLPF™ or Modern Lifestyle Protection Factors, its new protective solutions for environmental and climatic aggression

The urban population is growing: it’s estimated that more than 60% of the world’s population will live in cities by the year 2020. Lifestyles are evolving: hyperactive pace, lack of time and increasing use of digital devices. Consumers are more anxious; more tired, and lead increasingly stressful lifestyles. All have consequences on health, but also on well-being and skin health.

Our skin is exposed to increasing environmental and climatic attacks: pollution, dust, sunlight, harsh climates. It also suffers from the effects of urban lifestyles: stress, fatigue, alcohol, tobacco, unbalanced diet. The skin pulls looks and feels tired, dull, and prone to redness…

SEPPIC Beauty Care’s program involves 5 levels of protection from major causes of stress:

MLPF™ CLIMATIC AGRESSION: Strengthen cutaneous barrier from external elements such as wind, cold, dryness, heat, change in weather. The MONTANOV™ range of products helps formulate emulsions with intrinsic moisturizing correlated with the presence of liquid crystals. AQUAXYL™ hydrates skin with measurable results after 8 hours and OLIGOGELINE™ protects and strengthens the hydrolipidic film that prevents skin from drying out.


MLPF™  POLLUTION: Detoxify and oxygenate skin & cells. NATIVE ESSENCE™ which provides suffocated skin with cellular renewal by releasing CO2 from the skin. SEPITONIC™ M3 provides a breath of oxygen and boosts cell metabolism (increases available oxygen in the skin within 30 min). Studied in vivo, these ingredients smooth cutaneous microrelief.


MLPF™ MODERN STRESS: Protection from oxidative stress, free radicals with both protective and curative actions.  A wide range exists, but note major innovations introduced by EPHEMER™, laboratory-grown macro algae gametophytes: a genuine instant cellular antioxidant (24 hours) and long-lasting (↑catalase), it strengthens the skin’s antioxidant capacity in 28 days (vivo vs. placebo).


MLPF™ RADIATION:  Protect cells and DNA.  The goal is comprehensive protection from UV and infrared. ANTILEUKINE 6™ works deep to neutralize UVB effect on the basal layer keratinocytes and reduce cell DNA degradation. PHYCOCORAIL™ is a natural anti-IR.


MLPF™ ACTIVE LIVING: Protection from effects of increasingly active and stressful lifestyles: ADIPOLESS™ works as concealer and on sagging skin, objectified in vivo for 28 days. SEPITONIC™ M3 fights glycation, which reduces skin elasticity by binding excess sugar to the skin’s fibers.

Learn more about MLPF at the SEPPIC Source presentation, 3pm Tues. 17th November – Room B