Say farewell to polyethylene beads! Say hello to CLEANSCRUB!

With the recent announcement by the UK Government that the sale of personal care products containing microbeads will be prohibited from the end of 2017, now is the time to consider viable alternatives to the traditional PE beads currently used in many scrub products.

Lessonia, the pioneers of natural and biodegradable polyethylene bead replacements been researching and developing alternative exfoliating particles over a number of years, and have recently launched CLEANSCRUB, a brand new cost effective scrub from corn origin designed for making liquid hand soaps, bar soaps and shower gels.

CLEANSCRUB is 100% renewable, biodegradable and GMO-free and most importantly can be used to replace PE beads in many types of exfoliating products. It has an excellent oil absorption profile and is particularly suited to hand cleaning in industrial and workshop situations where effective dirt and grease removal is required.

CLEANSCRUB is available in 700 and 500 micron sizes and is approved for use worldwide.

Download CLEANSCRUB brochure.

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