Lubrizol’s New Vision for Skin Care – experience the sensation

Lubrizol Skin Care has developed a selection of new and innovative skin care formulations that combine novel concepts and performance benefits for different skin care applications. Each product offers an original idea, bringing together the sensorial benefits of a surprising texture, an appealing visual and an evocative fragrance, with the claimed performance of a high-tech active ingredient substantiated by science.

Follow Lubrizol on a sweet escape with a journey through the senses:

Create your own home spa experience with the Clear Sculpting Skin Massage Gelée S-SG0021 (EU). Infused with the fresh scents of orange and cinnamon, this clear oil-like gel formulation with smooth flow and cushiony playtime soothes and sculpts skin, providing a great way to relax after a stressful day while improving health and shape.

The formula SCOOPABLE MINTY CRUSHED ICE SKIN GEL O-0068(EU) is a novel beauty ritual to soothe the legs after a long day. Applied with a spoon or a massage device, this very unique cooling crushed ice-like texture, brings much needed relief to heavy and tired legs.

Every step of the way, Lubrizol Skin Care walks hand-in-hand with their customers in the process of turning their ideas into reality by offering reliable innovative solutions, regulatory support, market overview and a fast service. Lubrizol Skin Care’s new mission is to Accelerate Creativity.

For more information on any of the products featured, or to discuss innovative applications – please speak Surfachem team (Lubrizol’s exclusive distributor in the UK),