Looking for that Miracle Makeup?

Azelis offers a range of pigments for outstanding brilliance, gloss and colour.  Newly launched by Merck in October is Colorona® Tangerine Orange, which is a mica based pearlescent pigment. This bright orange pearl has a very clean colour with very good hiding characteristics.  Another in the range, Ronastar® Noble Sparks gives an outstanding brilliance and gloss with a dramatic metallic effect, resulting in a superior skin feel.

Following on from last year’s success, Azelis is once again launching the popular ‘Cosmetic Formulators Calendar’ at SCS Formulate, with each month featuring a selection of raw materials. The 2015 calendar, which will be available as a handout during SCS Formulate, is a handy reference for any formulators looking for new ideas and raw materials.

Sue Holloway, Technical Product Manager, will also identify future trends in colour cosmetics in The Knowledge Programme at SCS Formulate on the 12th of November at 14.30 – don’t miss it!