Introducing “The Feel of Luxury” New Concept

Revitalising, protecting, mild, mattifying, anti-aging, visual perfecting, high defence – what is the definition of a luxurious cosmetic product?

“The Feel of Luxury” is the new concept Brenntag team is unveiling at SCS Formulate 2016. It focuses on the protection, texture and sensorial properties of innovative ingredients, building on the expertise that Brenntag Cosmetics team is keen to share with SCS Formulate delegates.

A range of novel formulations around the latest market trends in hair, skin, sun, body care, colour cosmetics and male grooming will be presented, showcasing some of the most innovative ingredients and concepts to differentiate your products.

Our team of cosmetic scientists will be on the stand to discuss at length the product ranges by Akzo Nobel, Bluestar Silicones, Colonial Chemicals, Corbion, Seven Scent, Textron, Stephenson Group, Specialty Minerals etc.

Francois Bouton (Brenntag GmbH) will present on texturising and sensorial concepts on November 16th during the INSPIRE session.

Specific attention is given to powders in formulations; however the wider concept of texture and sensory benefits is discussed, showcasing the formulations. Details on the concept will also be available on Brenntag stand.

The feel of luxury: novel texturising and sensorial concepts

Some formulations to mention…

Hair, skin and nail care
Multi-Sensorial Hair , Skin and Nail Winsor III

3 phase product with strong visual impact / versatile delivery system for all kind of active ingredients / the 3 phase could be boosted by water-soluble or oily—soluble ingredients such as vitamins, herbal extracts, peptides, fragrances / Mirasil Caprylyl TSO provide emolliency/gloss/smoothness to keratin of hair, nail or skin. Thanks to Seven Scent fragrance used, the smell of this product would bring the true sense of luxury to the consumer. Also featuring one of the latest additions to our Brenntag Cosmetics ingredients portfolio: Durosoft by Stephenson Group.

Male Grooming
Face and Beard Cleanser

Cotton texture and silky touch: in contact with water, this translucent gel transforms into a light emulsion that leaves the skin clean and moisturised. GPS-S Aqua protects the skin and creates a physical barrier against external aggression such as pollution, allergens, extreme weather conditions. Evoil Argan oil by Textron helps achieve healthy skin.

Body Care
Beauty Glove Hand Cream

Fluid cream /yogurt texture / easy to spread/ pleasant sensory profile. Due to the combination of two advanced silicones, Mirasil ® Balance and Mirasil® Caprylyl TSO (Bluestar Silicones) our beautifying hand cream rapidly heals dry hands, leaves hands feeling soft and smooth after application and prevents further dehydration.

Face Care
Forever Young Eye Serum

The combination of Mirasil® Micropearl 40 (Bluestar Silicones) and PMMA-S (Brenntag Specialties) provide significant cushioning effect and smoothness. Cream- gel texture; light and fresh on application, leaves the skin hydrated. Absorbs quickly without oily residue, offers tightening effect. Proven by expert panel.


Discover Brenntag portfolio for advanced ingredients, inspiring concepts, innovative textures and modern applications. Our team of qualified cosmetic scientists are on hand to develop tailor-made, novel formulations for the optimal cosmetic performance solution for successful product launches.

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