Innovations from Croda at SCS Formulate 2014

Croda will once again be attending the SCS Formulate exhibition in Coventry, UK from 11th to 12th November, and is delighted to present their latest product launches and initiatives on Stand 409.

With consumers expecting enhanced sensorial experiences and novel textures from their ingredients as standard, global formulators are under increasing pressure to create high performing products to meet their expectations.

Croda will demonstrate its latest ingredient sensation, VolarestTM FL, a truly unique polymer designed to enhance the consumer’s experience of your brand. Volarest FL delivers controlled, targeted delivery from sprayable emulsions, novel textures that excite the user and the weightless suspension of emollients and beads in low viscosity fluids. Create novel, elegant and visually-appealing cosmetics with Volarest FL.

The OleoCraftTM Polymers are a range of oil structuring polymers that create impressive films on the skin, lips and eyelashes, providing water and wear resistance in colour cosmetic and sun care applications. These low colour and low odour high performance thermoplastic solids are proven to form clear, thermo-reversible gels. OleoCraft polymers can be used to create novel formats, from eye-catching clear sticks and balms to sprayable gels and emulsions with real consumer benefits.

Croda will once again be sharing Sensification™ – the science behind sensory innovation™, an easy-to-use system that allows formulators and marketers to navigate the complex landscape of sensory descriptors in a clear and defined way. By understanding the drivers behind emulsion aesthetics, you can engineer a complete sensory experience that supports your overall product positioning. This exciting toolkit discusses emerging consumer sensory trends and takes a closer look at the role of emulsifiers in sensory performance within skin care.

For superior skin care, Croda is pleased to demonstrate a number of its latest ingredient initiatives that enhance skin feel.

DuraQuenchTM IQ, a scientifically balanced moisturisation complex, provides an innovative approach to effective moisturisation from both leave on and wash-off systems. New data shows DuraQuench IQ provides excellent sensory enhancement in skin moisturisation and softness from body wash systems. Sensory data for DuraQuench IQ is enhanced by instrumental data and shows significant results from skin moisturisation test methods.

Furthermore, ArlamolTM LST is the first in a new line of sensory driven emollients to be launched from Croda that has an exceptionally light feel and a high degree of skin spreading. The ether chemistry of this super fluid gives it broad pH tolerance and compatibility with actives for overall formulation versatility.

Ingredients derived from ‘superfood’ sources have become increasingly popular and the number of personal care products with claims focused on superfood connotations have more than doubled in the last few years (Source: GNPD, March 2014). Croda have used their 40 years of experience in proteins to develop two new biopolymers derived from the superfood Pisum sativum or ‘pea’ that not only meet the trend but provide functional benefits to final products.

CrodasoneTM P offers proven protection against cuticle cracking caused by common hair styling practices such as blow-drying, combing and styling. Due to its complex polymeric structure, Crodasone P cross-links on drying to form a conditioning and protective network.

Hydrosativum P immerses the skin with moisture and has anti-irritancy properties, making it ideally suited for skin and scalp care. Hydrosativum P is naturally substantive to a variety of hair types from different ethnicities, binding to moisture and hydrating hair at a wide range of humidities.

For the hair care market, Croda will also be showing highlighting it’s recently launched CrodazoquatTM MCC, a hybrid conditioning technology that has been developed to provide multicultural conditioning, improving the appearance, feel and manageability of hair regardless of ethnic origin. Especially effective on damaged hair and having broad global regulatory acceptance, it is the perfect choice for your next conditioner, whether your target market is Asia, Europe, Latin America, the US or the world.

Finally, Croda is continuing to address the social and environmental issues associated with Sustainable Palm and has now successfully achieved certification of a number of its manufacturing sites globally to handle Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) materials via Mass Balance and is working towards the ambitious target to have all manufacturing sites certified by 2015 for Mass Balance production.

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Croda’s Formulation Masterclass on “The Shear Delights of Rheology” – Wednesday 12th November 2014 from 11:00 – 11:30
br email Bernice Ridley, Market Applications Specialist will demonstrate the ways that rheology modifiers can deliver effects to finished formulations. Using Croda’s ranges of rheology modifiers, Bernice will look at how different textures can be created, from simple to complex personal care products.


Croda’s Source Presentation on “Building Oil Structures with Consumer Benefits” – Tuesday 11th November 2014 from 14:00 – 14:15 in Seminar Room 2
Adam YoungJames Humphrey Consumers are looking out for new product formats and sensorys with real added benefits. Croda’s OleoCraft range are a group of oil structuring polymers that build novel formats, from eye-catching clear sticks and balms to sprayable gels and meet this consumer need. Additionally, their film forming properties give water and wear resistance benefits to a variety of applications. Join Adam Young, Marketing Coordinator and James Humphrey, Market Applications Specialist to discover how the OleoCraft polymers can help you develop your next product innovation.


Croda’s Source Presentation on on “Superfoods with Super Effects” – Tuesday 11th November 2014 from 14:45 – 15:00 in Seminar Room 2
Kathryn McNeil  Croda Superfoods, a term that describes foods with health benefits, are on the rise in Personal Care.  Products containing superfood ingredients have more than doubled in recent years.  Kathryn McNeil, Marketing Coordinator will address the drivers behind this trend and introduce two new superfood ingredients with functional benefits in skin care and hair care.


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