Hair Care Devolution: Naturally Back to Basics

Hair care market continues to experience significant growth. But is this industry segment becoming overly complicated?
Surfachem technical development team discuss recent trends and suggest simple formulations that address labelling claims cost effectively and efficiently. In the recent article published in Personal Care Magazine (May 2015), Jason Dearden-Watts and James Hodgkinson of Surfachem Group discuss formulatory approach for shampoo, conditioners, silicone-free and two-in-one conditioning shampoo, optional modifiers, heat and environment protection, colour protection, and volumising.  The authors show how ingredients from suppliers such as Evonik, Lubrizol, Givaudan, Stepan, Salycilates & chemicals, PQ Silicas, KuoChing and BioNest help to address the challenges of labelling, cost effectively and efficiently.
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