Cornelius at SCS Formulate: Attention-grabbing products for trendy teens

Continuing “Through the Ages”, we arrive at that potentially tricky phase in anyone’s life: Teen Time!

As any parent knows, it’s not always easy to please a teenager, so Cornelius is offering a solution in the form of eye-catching formulations which stand out from the crowd. From skincare products that complement teenage skin to on-trend colour cosmetics and multi-tasking hair stylers, this range will help achieve that ultra-glam look!

The star of the Teen Time lineup is Boysturiser, a light, moisturising crème gel with a fresh, clean bergamot scent, making it ideal for teenage boys who may be put off by traditional moisturisers.

Come and say hello at stand 220 to discover the full range of products. In the meantime, watch out for the next chapter: Trendy Twenties, the crucial time for implementing a good personal care regime.

Teen Time