Bring Hydration Magic to Your Skin Care Products – Blagden

Hydration is one of the key elements in formulating skin or body care products. So imagine the excitement of seeing tiny water droplets form on the skin surface while a cream is applied.

This very visible evidence of hydration potential is now possible with the ‘Magic Water Bead Cream’ formulation produced by Blagden’s key supply partner, BRB. It’s a white viscous cream which, when rubbed gently on the skin, releases tiny water droplets.

The science behind the magic relies on the cross linked structure, BRB SG 506. When gently rubbed, the structure breaks to release water. BRB SG 506 is a silicone crosspolymer designed as a thickening agent for silicone. It maintains viscosity upon dilution in Dimethicone and can readily suspend inorganic particulate.

The water beading concept is suitable for formulating hydrating skin care and body care products.

Applications include sleeping masks, hydrating face moisturiser and men’s skin care. Blagden is featuring a range of BRB products at stand 529. Find out more about Magic

Water Bead Cream formulation at SCS Formulate or call Sarah Hathaway at Blagden on01959 560826.

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