Brenntag: Micellar Water & Much More!

Brenntag pride themselves in being able to offer a variety of raw materials for cosmetics and personal care, while offering formulations that would appeal to the continuously changing and innovative market. This year we have three new formulations, developed by our Brenntag Cosmetic Laboratory, focusing around creativity and fresh  ideas with novel ingredients such as Cosmos/Ecocert surfactants, renewable carbon sources, naturals and vegetable derivatives:

Skin Care
Micellar Water
A great product that removes make-up and cleanses skin. Contains Colonial Chemical’s Poly Suga®Mulse D-9, which is 100% USDA Certified bio-based, on the NPA and now EcoCert, along with other key ingredients from Corbion, Akzo Nobel and Seven Scent Fragrances.

Hair Care
Ultra Mild Colour Protection Shampoo
Non-irritating, sulphate and EO free shampoo that contains  Mirasil® ADME-P by Bluestar Silicones, along with other innovative ingredients from Akzo Nobel, Colonial Chemicals and Seven Scent Fragrances.

Body Care
Moisturising Body Lotion
PEG-Free, ultra moisturising and skin rejuvenating lotion based on key ingredients from Dow, Colonial Chemicals and Seven Scent Fragrances.

If you are interested to find out more about these formulations, products or how we can help you, come visit Brenntag at stand 521.