Brenntag at SCS Formulate – Natural and Organic Alternatives

Natural and organic cosmetic and personal care products are undergoing rapid growth. They are becoming increasingly associated with health and well-being, and with the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly, with a reduced carbon footprint.

The overall market for natural personal care products in Europe has, and will continue to grow. It has shifted from being a niche market to a mainstream, consumer-led market sector.

Customers are increasingly seeking out natural alternatives for their products as these ingredients are perceived to be milder on the skin. With our range of natural, renewable raw materials, we can support you in the formulation of green consumer products.

To discuss your product requirements for ingredients such as surfactants, preservatives, silicones, foam boosters, rheology modifiers, fragrances, oils and hydrocolloids, contact the Brenntag Cosmetics team or email