Blagden – Tan and protect with a single ingredient

Bronz-Alg® is a new marine-derived product from Gelyma designed to revive skin,
creating a more glowing appearance, and to accelerate tanning while protecting the skin.
Bronz-Alg®, available in the UK and Ireland from Blagden, combines an aquaeous
extract of the brown seaweed bifucaria bifurcata with acetyl-tyrosine, which enhances the
penetration of the algal extract into the skin. Gelyma reports clinical tests on volunteers
indicate that Bronz-Alg® accelerates UV-tanning and revives dull skin for a healthier
glowing complexion.
It’s an ideal ingredient in cosmetic and personal care products offering tan acceleration,
sun care protection or daily skin protection for a sun-kissed and healthier complexion all
year round.
Find out more at our stand 529 or call Sarah Hathaway at Blagden on 01959 560826.


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