Ashland brings multi-functionality to hair care with the introduction of Style Fusion™ technology

Hair care is undergoing a renaissance with the introduction of new product forms, novel regimens, cutting-edge styling tools and contemporary options that bring greater versatility to hair styles. These dynamic changes drive the development of multifunctional ingredients that provide benefits across a broad range of hair styles and hair types. New Style Fusion™ complexes from Ashland (NYSE: ASH) offer the attributes of a styling product along with secondary performance characteristics, such as hair smoothing and wash resistance to improve style speed, better manage unruly hair, enhance shine and repair split ends.

“Now more than ever consumers want in one step the benefits of a styling product and the attributes of hair care or repair,” said Silke Langer, global marketing manager, hair care, Ashland.  “Style Fusion complexes are unique in that they provide one set of benefits as they dry on hair and the second set of heat-activated performance benefits in conjunction with today’s styling tools.”

Style Fusion products are polyelectrolyte complexes (PECs) formed from a combination of polymeric species. Scientists at Ashland design these complexes in such a way that they link to a particular set of style and care benefits.

Style Fusion complex 1, with its microgel structure, attaches to broken fibrils present on split ends and acts as a coupling agent that binds fibrils together. As the complex dries, it undergoes a contraction process that bundles the fibrils and mends the split end. This same technology helps to repair hair cuticle damage, align hair fibers and accentuate shine.

Style Fusion complex 2 is a durable smoothing technology with a unique gel matrix structure that forms the basis for additional benefits after drying and forming a film on the hair. Heat-styling tools, such as a flat iron, serve to activate the film. The resulting crosslinked film is wash-resistant for longevity of style, hair/color rejuvenation, and frizz control.

Style Fusion complex 3 provides both long-lasting styling and conditioning. This dual benefit affords consumers the ability to comb through hair smoothly, detangle wet hair, improve manageability and secure natural hold. Additional style benefits include high humidity-resistant hold and curl manageability. The patent-pending technology is partially made of guar to help advance the ecological profile of multifunctional hair-care formulations.

Style and care, with ease and efficiency

One of the primary objectives in advancing Style Fusion complex technology to market is to enable formulators of hair care products to help consumers maintain beautiful-looking hair with their usual hair care regimen. At in-cosmetics North America today, a demonstration video shows how consumers can cleanse their hair, then apply a product containing Style Fusion complex 2 and blow dry or flat iron to secure the benefits of frizz control, fiber alignment, and durable smoothing, and maintain these benefits through several wash cycles.

Performance and speed

“As the hair care market advances around the world, consumers require solutions that assure beautiful hair and save time in daily hair care routines. High-performing multifunctional technologies such as Style Fusion bring that value proposition one step closer to reality. These offerings deliver a range of styling and care properties to maintain beautiful hair,” said Langer.

Ashland offers the hair care industry the option contract with Ashland for commercial-scale quantities. For more information about Style Fusion products, or to obtain product samples, and prototype formulas, contact Ashland at, or write to