BDI-BioLife Science

#1 Astaxanthin Producer from Austria: The Red Diamond amongst Antioxidants

The natural carotenoid astaxanthin, derived from microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis, is the strongest naturally occurring antioxidant worldwide and considered as the “diamond” amongst radical scavengers. Studies show that astaxanthin remarkably supports the biological cell protection of the human skin against light induced damage and inhibits inflammatory pathways without any pro-oxidative or phototoxic nature.

BDI-BioLife Science is the #1 astaxanthin producer from Austria. Using our closed algae cultivation process we manufacture natural astaxanthin for the cosmetics, food supplement and pharmaceutical industries. Our state-of-the-art cultivation procedure guarantees constant and economical production of astaxanthin under optimum growth conditions all year round. We conduct R&D under the strictest requirements and obtain the most relevant certifications: Cosmos certification, FSSC 22000, Halal, ISO 9001, Kosher, Natrue and more.

AstaCos® fits these brilliant benefits into an oleoresin based on certified organic jojoba oil with an astaxanthin content of 5% that has specifically been developed for usage in cosmetic formulations. Due to its hydrophilic and lipophilic properties, astaxanthin can fully enter the cell, protect it from all environmental influences and keep it in oxidative balance. A must have for effective anti-ageing products!

Our claims proven by clinical studies:

  • Outstanding antioxidative effect (In vitro)
  • Strong anti-ageing properties (In vivo)
  • Increases skin hydration and firmness (In vivo)
  • Improves biological cell protection (In vitro, In vivo)
  • Potential to reduce digital ageing

astaHAND – the product your hands deserve

We developed a variety of outstanding frame formulations for your future products. astaHAND, our latest one, gives you a delightfully smooth after skin feel without being oily. It is easy to apply and thanks to its lovely rosé colour – it is easy on the eye!