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New seas to sail: amitahc embraces the Blue Beauty wave

The world of beauty is no longer just green, it is blue as well. It has created a real movement that seeks greater awareness of the impact that beauty products have on life in the oceans.

Green Economy and Blue Economy share the same objective: to take advantage of resources by reassessing all stages of the supply chain, in order to use the waste generated in other production cycles.

The 70% of the surface of our planet is covered by seas and oceans: preserving and taking care of them is the key to promote a sustainable development.

Blue Economy is based on the continuous research to maximize the value of marine by-products.

Such an approach was innovated by Gunter Pauli: the basic idea is to use a viable and efficient working system that imitates nature, able to make the most of all the resources that we have at our disposal.

The main concept? Waste is another source of wealth.

Blue Economy is about making a sustainable use of everything that Nature makes available to us.

For this reason, amitahc embraces the Blue Beauty wave to create conscious and respectful beauty products, paying more attention to the impact they have on the oceans.