Specialists in BIO-Technology, Labio explain “Fermentology” to produce 100% Natural Fermentoil.

Fermentology describes the unique and incomparable biological process of fermentation technology . Fermentology  is a 100% natural process and creates cosmetic ingredients with added skin benefits such as anti-ageing, moisturising  and antioxidant activities.  Demand to incorporate fermented ingredients into cosmetics continues to grow.

Fermentoils are produced by a patented fermentation of vegetable oil, utilising a selected Pseudozyma sp.. The resultant Fermentoils comprise a higher free fatty acid concentration, active poly phenols and a higher concentration of alpha-tocopherol.  Mannosylerythritol lipids (MEL’s) are also produced . These bio-surfactants are a type of glycolipid that improve the moisturising and emulsifying capability of the original oil. Fermentoils have a lower surface tension, higher spreadability giving them a less greasy feel and greater skin absorption.

Fermentoils are available as individual oils or as our carefully chosen blends,
(Fermentoil Complexes) for hair, face and body . Custom made Fermentoils are also available.