Synastol®TC, Holistic Active for a Perfect Glow under Urban Stress



INCI Terminalia chebula Fruit Extract, COSMOS approved and CHINA IECIC listed

Water soluble powder, 100% pure extract from the fruit of the sub-tropical tree Terminalia chebula

In Ayurvedic medicine, known as Haritaki or Myrobalan with extraordinary therapeutic benefits (anti-inflammatory and wound healing)


  • A new SUPERFRUIT with higher antioxidant activity than Acai
  • Fully standardized with key polyphenols Chebulinic and Chebulagic acids
  • Prevents oxidation in cells stressed with urban dust or blue light
  • Prevents but also reverses proteins’ glycation
  • Lowers key inflammatory markers
  • Improves key hydration markers
  • Inhibits MMPs and boosts Collagens
  • Clinical studies in Australia and India show improvement of skin overall texture and complexion (hydration, even toning, wrinkles, dark eyes)