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Beauty Veda offers dermatologically tested, safe to skin, clinically proven, non-irritating, suitable for sensitive skin, 100% herb active blends, having various cosmetic properties. All the products are manufactured by a zero-waste manufacturing process in a completely sustainable manner.

Babchi Bronze is a specially formulated 100% herb-actives blend to provide skin, a natural – gentle tanned look, minimize the adverse effects of pollution induced damage and reverse its visible signs, up to significant levels.

Kaya Klay – A fine blend of fine Multani clay and aqueous herbal extracts, scientifically chosen for their high efficacy cosmeceutical properties, the application of Kaya Klay helps in the retention of moisture. The blended ingredients relax the pores of the skin, help improve microcirculation and detoxify skin.

Peptiprotect is a custom made, carefully formulated blend of three standardized herbal extracts having an unmatched safety profile and being used traditionally to treat skin for improving its texture, giving radiance and soothing effects, keeping it hydrated and prevention against sun damage.

Eclipta Crown is a composition of six wholesome herbal extracts having superior anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, hair volume improving, hair tensile strength improving and scalp healing properties with an excellent safety profile.