Mibelle Biochemistry

Neuroactive power to look and feel good

TiMOOD™ is a novel neurocosmetic active based on timut pepper, a spice from the Himalayas. TiMOOD™ improves neuronal function in the skin and positively influences emotional wellbeing through the skin-brain axis. This “look good – feel good” concept was proven by a combination of in vitro and clinical studies.

In a co-culture model of sensory neurons and keratinocytes, timut pepper extract increased neuron survival and neurite length, as well as keratinocyte proliferation and the release of the feel-good molecule dopamine. A clinical study on a panel of volunteers feeling stressed, selected by a questionnaire, has shown that 2% TiMOOD™ significantly improved skin tone evenness and skin complexion, leading to a healthier and fresher complexion. To assess the influence of TiMOOD™ on emotional wellbeing, a neuropsychological test (EmoCompass®), usually utilized for market research of fast-moving consumer goods, was used. The application of this test in the field of neurocosmetics is a novelty and demonstrated that the TiMOOD™ application on stressed volunteers improved one emotional dimension (safe, relaxed and calmed) significantly compared to placebo. Thus, TiMOOD™ not only protects neurons from aging and thereby supports a healthy and even skin complexion, but also improves wellbeing in stressful times.