Glycuron Marshmallow to get the hair fiber protected at all times

As we take care more and more of our hair, isn’t protection the first and essential care to bring to hair? Indeed, especially when you live in the city, environmental aggressions, from UV to pollutants and toxic residues, damage nonstop the hair fiber.

Seqens offers to add protection and repair activities to your haircare range with a brand new unique and natural active ingredient: Glycuron Marshmallow. Especially developed for advanced haircare formulae, it is made of plant-based polysaccharides extracted from organic marshmallow roots (althaea officinalis, Malvaceae family, used for its soothing properties since Antiquity. Thanks to its glycoprofile, Glycuron Marshmallow will protect and repair the hair fiber by reducing hair carbonylation, porosity and rugosity caused by the environmental aggressions (UV and pollution) from 1% (ex vivo test compared to placebo) and its efficiency has been demonstrated both on leave on and rinse off applications. Without preservative, watersoluble, compliant to Cosmos Natural standard, listed on the IECIC list, it can be used in different types of haircare products, from shampoos to hair serum or masks and styling applications. To give back hair its health, shine and soft touch.