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[ALT] BEAUTY - A Trend Kit For The Beauty Consumers Of The Future

The collection fuses futuristic with minimalist and ancient approaches to beauty.

The next generation smart beauty consumer fluidly swings between beauty [ALT]er egos, accentuated by increasingly semi-remote and semi-digital lifestyles.

At home they might be loud and proud in the digital space yet have a ‘behind the screen’ beauty behaviour that is discreet and minimal and then morph into their own unique avatar with ‘meta skin’ when making an IRL public appearance, using personalised products and digitalised effects. New metallic and iridescent colours are presented alongside multifunctional core bases with creative application uses.

A growing interest in [ALT]ernative approaches to skin health has inspired the development of products from ancient recipes and ancient rituals that represent heritage and traditional culture, as consumers look to bring simplicity to their routines.

Cornelius has created a future trend kit with product options for the mimimalist, ritualistic or digitally enthusiastic consumer to meet their individual beauty needs.