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Join the PoreVolution™ with CutiFine CLR™ – the all in one skin refiner

Conspicuous skin pores are a great concern for consumers, especially for those who have oily skin. With age, skin pores become also more pronounced, making skin pores the latest anti-ageing skincare goal.

There are many reasons why skin pores become more conspicuous. One obvious reason is their size. But there is yet another important and until now mostly overlooked feature of pores which makes them more visible: the contrast between the colour of the pores and the surrounding skin.

We think it’s time for a PoreVolution!

CutiFine CLR™ is the first ingredient which addresses all cell biological processes, which contribute to skin pores becoming more conspicuous. In clinical studies, with the AEVA HE technology, it was shown that the number of detectable pores, their surface area, circumference and volume were clearly reduced. The effectiveness of CutiFine CLR™ could also be confirmed by the volunteers who took part. After only 28 days, more than 80% of the volunteers reported a reduction of conspicuous pores.

CutiFine CLR™ is based on a synergistic combination of two potent natural extracts. Vaccaria Segetalis has a long tradition in TCM while the pulp of baobab fruit is rooted in centuries of routines in Africa.