Jaka Biotech

Relieve the discomfort of Sensitive Skin with Calmnerv CR-GL, the
“Fire Extinguisher for the skin”.

Jaka Biotech Co. Ltd provide professional skincare solutions focusing on the fields of
plant extraction, fermentation and synthesis and present Calmnerv CR-GL.

Everyday life has become more stressful, and various factors including air pollution and  UV light and  have contributed to increases in skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and red, itchy patches. Calmnerv CR-GL has been developed for sensitive skin and focuses on the Sensations on the skin. Its main function is to quickly relieve uncomfortable feelings such as stinging, itching and burning, thereby making the skin feel more comfortable, and making people happier, relaxed and  more confident.

Calmnerv CR-GL is manufactured from Citrus reticulata (Tangerina), a natural and sustainable Chinese herbal medicine with a history of 800 years. It is known for its pain relief effects and is harvested between May and June when the two active substances, alkaloids and flavonoids, are at their highest levels. Although derived from citrus, Calmnerv CR-GL is non-irritant.

Calmnerv CR-GL is 100% natural, COSMOS, and HALAL certified.

Jaka is committed to supporting global sustainable goals and practice responsible production via recycling and reuse during the picking and extraction process.

Calmnerv CR-GL has been awarded the Ringier Technology Innovation Award.