WS Biotinᵀᴹ: 100 times more soluble than free Biotin!

WS Biotinᵀᴹ is Tagra’s latest breakthrough in water-soluble technology, delivering Biotin100 times more water soluble than free Biotin. WS Biotinᵀᴹ provides highly concentrated Biotin for improved hair, scalp, and skin health.

WS Biotinᵀᴹ is a potent whitening and clarifying skincare solution for a perpetually healthy, radiant complexion.

WS Biotinᵀᴹ gives strength to lackluster hair and reduces hair follicle breakage.

Formulators can easily design unique, highly efficient water-based formulas for hair and skin care, without the need for solvents or additives.

WS Biotinᵀᴹ can be simply stirred into an existing or new product line and work its magic!

Formulating with WS Biotinᵀᴹ, a water-soluble, dry white powder form of D-Biotin (50% w/w), results in a pH of 6-8. It prevents any risk of crystallization in formulation, and is added into the formulation at room temperature solubilizing almost  spontaneously.