Spring Snow: Neuro-Soothing and anti-spot shield for radiant and comfortable skin.

Spring Snow is a unique combination of bioactive molecules from the flowers of wild Blackthorn with synergistic actions that targets the “skin-brain” axis. It meets the needs of skin challenged by the stresses of daily life and modern living. Through its multiple properties, Spring Snow creates a real virtuous circle, it:

  • Strengthens the barrier function and improves hydration
  • Inhibits neurogenic inflammation and hypersensitivity of cutaneous nerve fibers
  • Prevents hyperpigmentation

With Spring Snow, the skin can efficiently face the deleterious impacts of environmental or intrinsic factors. Its complexion is even, it is strengthened with optimal repair capacities for better inner resources and well-being.

Water soluble liquid – Origin: France – Cosmos – Preservative free – NMPA number – Patent pending