Kreglinger Specialties

In collaboration with Kreglinger Lignopure presents LignoBase™: the novel upcycled biopolymer with multi protective properties

LignoBase™ is the first line of upcycled multifunctional ingredients that transfers the natural multifunctionality of lignin into cosmetics. Lignin is a biopolymer naturally found in plants like trees and grasses. At Lignopure we process several Lignin fractions which are byproducts of biorefineries that extract cellulose and hemicellulose from forestry and agricultural residues.

Lignopure’s patented particle technology preserves lignins’ natural polyphenolic structure, while creating a high-quality ready-to-use micropowder ingredient. Each LignoBase™ has a unique molecular composition that provides multiple cosmetic functionalities such as skin protection against free radicals, antioxidant activity in the formulation and SPF-boosting effect. In addition, the natural colour of every LignoBase™ ingredient helps reduce the white cast and simplifies the colour formulation of diverse skin tones in various cosmetic formulations while offering a soft skin feeling with a mattifying effect.