We are dsm-firmenich Personal Care

We create solutions that positively contribute to the daily care routine and health of people’s face, skin and hair, worldwide. We are a global leading player in UV filters and vitamins, with over 40 years’ experience on skin bioactives. We draw on our sun care and skin care expertise backed by innovation, formulation, and application expertise, to deliver effective solutions for hair and scalp care needs.

We are committed to offering innovative, scientifically proven, and market-validated personal care solutions, that effectively respond to current market trends and key consumer needs, as well as to making a stronger and more transparent commitment to environmentally and socially responsible practices.

At dsm-firmenich Personal Care, we will continue to develop our unparalleled science and technology platforms, drawing on an R&D network spanning five continents. All in the name of making a positive impact for our customers and consumers, every single day!

dsm-firmenich waterless solutions for hair care: with our innovative waterless formulations for scalp and hair, we can provide the same level of performance that consumers expect from liquid formats while significantly reducing their environmental impact.