Sigmund Lindner

Sigmund Lindner take Bioglitter® to the next level in its journey.

Sigmund Lindner GmbH (SiLi), a family-run German company is known for its more than 160 years of tradition and development in the field of glitter. As one of the leading glitter manufacturers in Europe, SiLi is also known for its commitment to sustainable practices and innovative solutions. The acquisition of Bioglitter® from Ronald Britton Ltd, earlier this year, is a testament to its dedication to developing more eco-friendly products.

Bioglitter® is the World’s only independently certified freshwater biodegradable glitter brand.

Building on a solid foundation, SiLi demonstrates its commitment to the Bioglitter® journey of development and innovation with the introduction of additional ranges of patented Bioglitter® products.  These new ranges provide a comprehensive family of Bioglitter® products that both; carry the TUV OK Water biodegradable Certifiate, the hallmark of genuine Bioglitter® products, and are also compliant with the recently published EU microplastic legislation.

Bioglitter® Ranges: –

  • Cosmetic Bioglitter® SPARKLE – metallic-effect glitters
  • Cosmetic Bioglitter® PURE            – novel effect, aluminium free glitters
  • Cosmetic Bioglitter® HOLO            – holographic-effect glitters