The Upcycled Beauty Company

Relishing Raspberries – Circular Skincare

In 2017, we made it our mission to not only help beauty & personal care brands reduce waste, but to reuse it too. We’re out to prove that the beauty industry can thrive solely using upcycled materials – from ingredients to packaging.

By informing, inspiring, and enabling the use of upcycled materials in personal care, we’re growing the upcycled beauty movement. We believe a global shift towards circularity is vital for the future and celebrate others working in this space, even competitors.

Our Full Circle line offers upcycled, natural, and vegan active ingredients, prioritizing supply chain transparency and genuine sustainability efforts.

One highlight is Raspberry NECTA®, a nourishing oil-soluble active ingredient for skin & hair care. Made from upcycled raspberries (a by-product of juicing), this zero-waste oil contains natural vitamin E and essential fatty acids for protection against free radicals. Our potent active boasts 120% higher antioxidant capacity than standard raspberry seed oil, providing a natural defence against oxidative stress.

Made from the leftovers of our Raspberry NECTA® juicing waste, Raspberry CRUSH™ is an Upcycled Certified™ duo of natural exfoliating fruit powders for personal care. These gentle exfoliants are ideal for face and body applications and enhance the texture of soaps and other solid formulations.