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ABWAX REVOWAX: the revolutionary natural wax


One of Brasca’s strengths is its constant research for innovative solutions that combine the demand for quality with the need for sustainable and eco-friendly products.
Great concern for the environment has led Brasca’s R&D team to design ABWAX® Revowax: an alternative solution with the aim of addressing microplastic pollution in the oceans.
Polymers intentionally added to cosmetic products and releasing microplastics into the environment are being regulated with the goal of finding sustainable alternative solutions.

ABWAX® Revowax is a patented, revolutionary and versatile raw material designed by Brasca as a high-performance green alternative for microplastic free formulations.
Composed only of natural functional and vegan ingredients, it enables formulators to develop cutting-edge products while avoiding the intentional use of plastic-derived waxes.
As internal tests have shown, ABWAX® Revowax performs similarly to plastic waxes, with comparable drop point and melting point results, elevate heat stability, high oil absorption capacity and excellent oil compatibility properties.

ABWAX® Revowax has highly structuring features, several tests show its capacity to stick with the most diffused oils, esters, alcohols and hydrocarbons on the market.
Moreover, it facilitates a rapid change of texture, in order to obtain lipsticks with different characteristics and properties, without sacrificing high performance.