Be inspired by Innospec trend-based, generational award winning formulations

By combining science, experience, innovation, and creativity, we strive to provide solutions for our customers, who play an important role for us. Indeed, at Innospec, we strongly believe in people. And it is exactly from these that we introduced the concept of ‘generational beauty’ in 2023. This is a campaign revolving around five main generational categories, established according to different concepts such as spending budget, types of products purchased, sustainable approach to the environment:

– Silent generation: 77 – 94 years old

– Baby boomers: 58 – 76 years old

– Generation X: 42 – 57 years

– Generation Y (Millennials): 26 – 41 years old

– Generation Z: 10 – 25 years

Based on this categorization, we have created a set of ten formulations, ‘Explore Unique’: each generation is unique and, as such, has specific needs. Our solutions range from face and body cleansers to solid shampoos and hair serums and are characteristic for each generation:

Silent Generation

Baby Boomer Generation

Generation X

Generation Y

Generation Z

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