Natural polysaccharides outsmart synthetic styling polymers

GOSULIN® STYLE and GOSULIN® HOLD are natural replacements for hair styling polymers with improved performance. These ingredients are in line with the popular trends of upcycling, fermented beauty, skinimalism, and the curly girl criteria. Also, they are the solution for microplastic-free hair styling products.

GOSULIN® STYLE is a mix of natural polysaccharides obtained from the fermentation of molasses with purified high molecular weight agave inulin. GOSULIN® STYLE has amazing properties:

  • The hair remains very flexible and feels natural.
  • The hair gets a long-lasting shiny and healthy look
  • The haircut is kept in any desired shape for 24 hours.
  • It provides eight hours of hydration.

NI: 1

GOSULIN® HOLD combines a high molecular weight cellulose gum obtained through upcycling with Graminans and Agavins. This ingredient is even more powerful as his twin:

  • The hold is more than five times stronger than PVP.
  • It has excellent jellifying and thickening properties.
  • The hair becomes shiny and feels natural.
  • It gives intense hydration.

NI: 1

GOSULIN® HOLD and GOSULIN® STYLE combined provide all imaginable styling properties. So, prepare yourself for the surprising results.