Pro-Aging Beauty: Embrace Your Next Life Stage with Confidence

Menopausal skin care is a vital aspect of every woman’s beauty journey, as it addresses the unique challenges that arise during this transformative phase of life. We understand the significance of addressing menopausal skin, which is why we have carefully developed six powerful formulations, each designed with a holistic concept to meet its specific needs. From our SPF face & décolleté day cream to revitalizing night cream, purifying & cooling essence, lip and eye contour, nourishing hand cream, to our hydrating satin lipstick, our products are precisely tailored to tackle the distinctive challenges of menopausal skin.

Our formulations combat aging and wrinkles with specialty ingredients that provide deep hydration, nourishment, and skin repair. Highlighted ingredients are for instance our Ceramide TIC-001, StrataPhixTM AOS-PF or BP Triluronic® Acid as well as selected Natural Oils with high Omega 6/9 content. Moreover, we incorporate collagen booster and microbiome support through our innovative ingredients from the FermBiotic® range to ensure your skin’s optimal health and balance. Experience the radiance-restoring benefits of our SenseIDTM Jojoba Oil and Esters, while effectively providing gentle skin exfoliation with StratazymeTM. For the sensorial experience and pleasant skin feel our Jeechem® NDA range, 100% natural-derived alkanes, are the products of choice.

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