Active Concepts

BioAuthentic Exosomes

At the intersection of beauty and science, exosomes are vesicles that ensure the effective delivery of cosmetic actives to consumers in personal care products. While conventional delivery systems rely on synthetic means, Active Concepts proudly champions green chemistry and sustainability. As is our signature approach, we turned to nature for the answer to craft a solution that harmonizes with both the skin and the planet.

While exosomes are entering the skincare space, they are mainly derived from animal or human stem cells and are only targeted toward one function: anti-aging. To stay competitive in this ever-changing industry, Active Concepts embarked on innovating exosomes that remove these unwanted characteristics and expand their functionality. We have created a line of BioAuthentic Exosomes – natural vesicles that are functionally identical to exosomes but extracted from all natural sources. Additionally, knowing most brands are not a one-stop-shop, our BioAuthentic Exosome Line provides significant advances in delivery system brand differentiation by offering certain exosomes for specific intended benefits.


Active Concepts introduces the first BioAuthentic Exosomes:

– AC ExoVitalize – Wake up your skin on a cellular level to provide a youthful and lifted appearance by encouraging the cellular processes of glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation.

– AC ExoTone – Encourage cellular renewal and melanin inhibition to relieve the skin of cumulative and UV spots, leaving behind a more even skin tone.

– AC ExoRestore – Using topical prebiotic technology, this ingredient aims to enhance the skin’s immunity for quicker wound healing, skin restoration, and balance.