The Choice of Serums

The Choice of Serums – Need-based skincare through targeted active ingredient efficiency


Skin care serums have become very popular for modern need-based skincare due to their pleasant lightweight textures, and their high concentration in potent active ingredients.


To respond to this trend, Vantage has developed a versatile toolkit with 5 different serum types. Various serum textures, from dual-phase liquids to ultra-light emulsions, provide exceptional skin feel, such as softness, freshness or silicone-like sensory effects.


The formulations address relevant skin needs such as blemish control, anti-ageing, skin radiance, skin barrier protection and inflamm’aging relief through efficacy-tested active ingredients:


  • BP-SA NIACINAMIDE SALICYLATE COMPLEX, an easy-to-use complex to treat troubled skin.
  • STRATAPHIX POLY-PF, a water-soluble polysaccharides complex to limit skin aging induced by increased sensitivity.
  • ILLUMINATE EFX, an active system based on pure hydroxycinnamic acid to improve skin brightening.
  • CERAMIDE TIC 001, a nature-identical ceramide for intense skin hydration & skin barrier repair.
  • HYLASOME EG 10, a crosslinked hyaluronic acid for long-term moisturizing and radical scavenging activity.
  • STRATAPHIX AOS-PF, an oil-based antioxidant to mitigate skin damages due to environmental stresses.


Discover our serum formulations and stop by Adina’s booth #840 or listen to our presentation at the Sensory Workshop, Nov 12 at 10 am.