S3D® STEP UP - The Skin Touch Effect Perfector - Ultimate Primer

S3D® STEP UP is a non-tinted skin perfector to improve skin quality and texture day after day. It immediately improves skin complexion (thanks to our vectorised hyaluronic acid Cristalhyal™ e-Perfection) and minimises pores (thanks to Neoporyl™) with repeated use. The terrific duo of active ingredients with powerful effects will resonate quickly into consumers’ ears, for it addresses common concerns for which solutions are intensively sought after, while comforting consumers with the reassurance brought by natural, science-driven ingredients, not to mention the presence of the superstar of cosmetic science: hyaluronic acid, yet as efficient as ever! The concept has been imagined gender-less with a very refreshing light fragrance! Thanks to its specific applicator, STEP UP is really easy to apply: just a few seconds and it penetrates quickly onto the skin. Then we immediately feel & see the skin smoothed!