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Natura-Tec SeaPassion™CHA - Powerful Acne Genesis Repressor

Acne can be a distressing factor for the lives of those affected, and it doesn’t just affect young people. In most cases, the symptoms of acne disappear by the age of 30, but the clinical picture is often associated with mild to severe scarring that lasts a lifetime. Intervening as soon as possible to regulate acne is therefore an important parameter in order to attenuate or avoid its negative effects. Since a longer application period is recommended in the presence of acne pathogenesis, mild natural active ingredients are of particular interest.

NATURA-TEC SEAPASSION™ CH is the result of advanced research and careful development based on sustainable microalgae technology using environmentally friendly industrial production processes. Combining the effectiveness of the microalga Pavlova Lutheri, the virtues of passion fruit linked to the richness of blackcurrant, NATURA-TEC SEAPASSION™ CH fights against inflammation, the dysfunction of lipid synthesis and in-vivo tests show a significant reduction in the number, perimeter and area of acne lesions (over 20%).

The Young Beauty Day Cream formula has been developed to offer a natural solution, effective in eliminating imperfections while keeping skin soft, smooth and hydrated on a daily basis, combining light texture with velvety feel.