When Sustainability drives Innovation.

All about consuming less to consume better!

Consumers today are becoming more conscious of their ecological footprint and are looking for sustainable, eco-friendly and minimalist products that offer transparency and reduce environmental impact.

Environmentally friendly, Symrise’s green multifunctionals are the answer to both consumers’ and formulators’ needs : enhancing product protection and offering many more benefits. Highly suitable for green formulations, they also increase the naturalness of classic formulas with less impact on the environment.

With our green multifunctionals you can achieve shorter INCI lists, reduced inventory and shorter development time.

At Symrise we believe in sustainability as one of the core values of all our actions and work daily to usher the cosmetics industry into a more sustainable future. We offer a groundbreaking green portfolio of suitable ingredients, which combine efficacy and versatility, and provides cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

Discover the power of our green Multifunctionals!

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