Active Skin Patch Mask 360º

Discover Active Skin Patch Mask 360º, an epitome of innovative skincare meticulously crafted for the discerning consumer.

This distinctive mask stands out by offering customizable options tailored for holistic facial care.

It harmoniously amalgamates Succinic Acid, derived through meticulous fermentation technology, ensuring gentle exfoliation and optimized ingredient penetration, with the sumptuous, sensory delight brought forth by Ocean Marine Biopolymers, promising a luxuriously indulgent application experience.


Envision two enchanting formats:

– Ready to Use: Indulge in our pre-fabricated patches, meticulously shaped to gracefully adorn various facial contours, presented in a lavish gel-like texture.

– Customize Your Care: Immerse yourself in a personalized skincare adventure with our unique mask, featuring a potent gel paired with a specially curated lotion teeming with active ingredients to suit your skin’s desires, complemented with molds enabling the creation of your very own skin patch masks.

The Active Skin Patch Mask 360º not only champions skin rejuvenation but also empowers users with an immersive and personalized skincare experience, aligning technical innovation with self-care empowerment, elevating your skincare routine into a realm of unparalleled luxury and efficacy.