Croda Europe

ChromaPurâ„¢, a sustainable and functional alternative to microplastics in cosmetic applications

The Personal Care market is increasingly driven by consumer demand for more sustainable products in all possible applications, with plastic pollution one of the biggest concerns. The global awareness of environmental damage coupled with constantly changing regulations is leading the cosmetic industry to innovate and develop sustainable and functional replacements of existing ingredients that don’t meet consumer expectations. With some countries banning plastic microbeads used as exfoliants in favour of natural alternatives, the industry is now moving away from microplastics used as sensory and optical enhancers. ChromaPur has patented technology allowing a unique surface structure and morphology, is high quality & 100% natural, derived from FSC certified upcycled black spruce, has ready biodegradability, COSMOS approval, vegan suitability and environmentally friendly processed spherical cellulose powders. ChromaPur positions itself as a perfect alternative to microplastics, with similar or better performance in skin care and colour cosmetics application.