Croda Europe

Crodarom and Alban Muller, Croda’s Beautanical Alliance

Crodarom has been a world leading botanical extraction specialist for more than 40 years. Crodarom’s production capabilities and various eco-designed plant extraction technologies allow them to extract the best of the plant and supply a large catalogue of ingredients that meet consumer market trends and needs.

The other half of the Beautanical Alliance, Alban Muller, is renowned globally for its knowledge and skill in natural cosmetic ingredients. Through their product portfolio, they offer a diverse and groundbreaking selection of 100% natural plant extracts that adhere to an environmentally responsible approach throughout the entire manufacturing process. Alban Muller’s commitment to ecological production, resource management, and waste reduction ensures that their unique process respects both people and the environment.

The two products on show at SCS are Zanthocare™, a multifunctional ingredient with proven balancing, protecting, and soothing effects, and Lipolami™ ER, a COSMOS approved ingredient from Milk Thistle seeds that provides a natural sensory alternative to silicones and gives a natural protection to skin. Come to stand 835 to find out more and discuss how our botanical extracts can benefit your formulations!