Super Sustainable Shampoo Concentrate

In the drive to achieve greater sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of the personal care products we use in our day to day lives, buying a concentrated shampoo or bodywash and diluting at home allows us to reduce the transportation impact on the environment and our reliance on plastic packaging. One major disadvantage in diluting a concentrate is that invariably this involves a difficult to handle high viscosity liquid that is diluted to a lower viscosity finished product… until now that is…

Using our patented science and technology, we have developed an innovative low viscosity blend of sulfate free surfactants that, when diluted in a 1:3 ratio with tap water in a refillable bottle, creates a viscous high foaming shampoo offering a texture similar to a conventional formulation. In addition to the reduction in water transport and removal of plastic packaging this formulation achieves above 96% naturality when calculated in accordance with the ISO 16128 guidelines.

How to use: To prepare the shampoo fill a refillable bottle up to ¼ full with the Super Sustainable Shampoo Concentrate. Fill the rest of the bottle with water. Replace the lid and shake the bottle well. A thick shampoo will be formed instantly. Allow to stand for the bubbles to clear. To use the shampoo apply to wet hair, lather and rinse.