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Tennants Distribution Limited


Decoratives - Body Makeup
Decoratives - Facial Makeup
Decoratives - Lip Products
Decoratives - Nail Products
Decoratives - Pigments
Hair Care - Colouring
Hair Care - Conditioning
Hair Care - Shampooing
Hair Care - Styling
Ingredients - Actives
Ingredients - Emulsifiers
Ingredients - Oils/ Butters/ Waxes
Ingredients - Preservative
Ingredients - Surfactants
Male Grooming - Bath & Shower
Male Grooming - Shaving
Skin Care - Anti-Aging
Skin Care - Body Care
Skin Care - Facial Care
Skin Care - Hands & Feet
Sun Care - After Sun
Sun Care - Protection
Sun Care - Self Tanning
Toiletries - Anti-Perspirants
Toiletries - Baby Care
Toiletries - Bath & Shower
Toiletries - Deodorants
Toiletries - Depilatories
Toiletries - Facial Cleansing
Toiletries - Hand Washing
Toiletries - Oral Care

Stand: 1047

Contact Name: Steve Hall
Telephone: 0161 2054454
Email: steve.hall@tennantsdistribution.co.uk
Website: https://www.tennantsdistribution.com
Address: Hazelbottom Road, Cheetham, Manchester, M8 0GR, United Kingdom

Company Profile

Tennants Distribution Limited are the largest independent chemical distributor in the United Kingdom and a major supplier of commodity and speciality ingredients to the Personal Care and Cosmetics markets. Tennants have a long history for providing customers with high quality products with dependable services. This is backed up by distribution arrangements with world leading manufacturers. Please visit us on stand 1024 which we will once again be sharing with Sonneborn.

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