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Stand: 907

Contact Name: Jason Harrop
Telephone: 07557133023
Email: jason.harrop@afedewellness.co.uk
Website: http://www.tech-nature.com
Address: Afede Wellness, Arise Innovation Centre, BIC 107, Alan Cherry Drive, Chelmsford, Alabama, CM11SQ, United Kingdom

Company Profile

Established in 1996 in France, Technature is the world leader in peel-off masks for the cosmetic industry. All of our skin care products are produced in France, with our expertise in the following areas:
- Peel off alginate masks, including the Shaker mask and other variants
- Skincare (creams, serums, gels, scrubs)
- Cosmetic powders (wash-off masks, dry shampoos, cleaning powders)
- Ready-to-use Masks (Biocellulose, Hydrogel, Leaf, SoftCell & Sheet masks)
Technature are creators of tailor-made cosmetic concepts. We create new products and new trends, whilst providing our clients global support from conception to the finished, packaged product.

Private & White Label Finished Products, at this year’s show:

Cleansing Pearl
Patented solid encapsulated dose for hand or face application
Hydrogel Emulsion
Oil soluble actives can now be incorporated into these masks
Hydrogel Icy Effect
Unique hydrogel texture for skincare
Hydrogel Rooibos infused
Particles (extracts, actives, glitters) can now be suspended in this mask
Hands Melting Dome
A playful sophisticated unit dose for your hands
Shaker Mask (new references available)
5 new powder references for you to enjoy

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