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Contact Name: Afriyie Donkor
Email: hello@tamubeauty.com

Company Profile

We are the largest producers of Nilotica shea butter ingredients, purchasing our shea nuts directly from our women’s co-operative in Wanguru, Uganda. Our Nilotica shea butter is made in our facilities in Uganda to ensure the authenticity and purity of the product. So, if you are a cosmetic company, a health company or a formulator, you can rest assured you’ll be receiving the best Nilotica shea butter on the market.

There are two main varieties of shea butter - Butyrospermum Parkii (West African) and Vitellaria paradoxa (East African). Butyrospermum Parkii is produced in West Africa whereas Vitellaria paradoxa is produced only in Uganda and Southern Sudan. Eastern shea butter, more commonly referred to as Nilotica shea butter, has a higher essential concentration of oleic acid, and Vitamin E, A, and F compared to West African shea butter. It is oleic acid that gives Nilotica shea butter it’s superior moisturising and nourishing abilities.

As Nilotica shea butter is much softer and creamier, it melts and is absorbed straight into the skin as soon as you apply it. This protects and helps your skin and hair heal, fight inflammation and retain its elasticity whilst it deeply moisturises. It does not have a strong aroma and the colour is yellow. For formulations, Nilotica shea butter is the superior choice: An excellent ingredient in any body and hair care product. Our butter is produced in a manner that uses newly developed technology to carefully process the butter without the refining process or the use of chemicals, resulting in a grade A, virgin butter. We ensure that our procurement methods do not harm the environment or the valuable shea trees.

As a major producer, and supplier we can ship quantise from 200kg to a 40 ft shipping container. We offer tiered bulk discounts for larger quantities. We ship to customers in the UK, EU, USA, and the rest of the world.

Nilotica Shea Butter
Nilotica Shea Oil
Nilotica Shea Nuts Exfoliator
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