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Tagra Biotechnologies


Stand: 950

Contact Name: Clare Doherty
Telephone: 07540 667392
Email: c.doherty@caldic.com
Website: https://tagra.com/tagra-leader-in-microencapsulation-technology/
Address: Stainsby Close, Holmewood Industrial Estate, Chesterfield, S42 5UG, United Kingdom

Company Profile


Our expertise and experience have firmly established Tagra as a world leader in the development of quality microencapsulation solution for the cosmetic industry.

Tagra uses the most sophisticated encapsulation technology available to deliver outstanding performance and customer experience, having obtained over 14 patents our team of PhD’s truly are experts in microparticulate delivery systems. Tagra’s products consist of unique, innovative, and value-added range of microcapsules supported by scientific research.

Tagra offers a sophisticated line of encapsulated anti-aging, anti-acne, brightening, pigment, moisturizing and sun care ingredients. The innovative microcapsules isolate and protect the ingredients while overcoming formulation challenges, enhancing performance, maximizing stability, and controlling the release targets.

The ease and adaptability of using Tagra technology encourages dynamic development and marketing breakthroughs. Our microencapsulation overcomes technical challenges and opens new dimensions of unique ingredient

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